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Hi, my name is Andrew G. Watters. I am a radically honest, category-defying polymath based in Redwood City, California, USA. I have a law degree from U.C. Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco, a bachelor's degree from UCLA, and fifteen to twenty years of professional experience in multiple industries. Currently, I have my own law firm, photo studio, and IT/R&D/cinema laboratory. I offer legal services, digital cinema, and custom web application programming. My favorite compliment that I've gotten lately is: "you're a polite gunfighter with a silver tongue." Yeah, that's accurate. I recently became engaged to Miss Right, who I am marrying in early 2022. I am also running for Congress in 2022 as a moderate Democrat.

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January 18, 2022 - I'm very happy to announce the production of the double album Prometheus from Dévah Quartet. Two 20-minute original epic songs plus several other original pieces, as well as a string interpretation of a famous metal song. Recording next week at Metalworks Studios, and should be out by late Spring 2022. Produced and composed by Liza McLellan with vocals composed by Vivienne Wilder, and exec produced by yours truly!

January 5, 2022 - Due to the COVID-19 Omicron surge, Tina and I are postponing our wedding reception and will be doing a "micro ceremony" with immediate family only. Check the wedding web page for the latest information.

November 25, 2021 - It finally happened for me-- I proposed to my Dream Girl, and she said yes. I had hosted Thanksgiving for Tina and her Mom, as well as my parents, and I surprised Tina with a ring that evening. I am the luckiest guy ever, no joke. Call it what you want: destiny, fate, meant to be, luck, good fortune, providence, etc. Whatever it is, I'm not complaining. It's been great catching up with friends and family and announcing the great news, which resulted in my phone blowing up with texts and congratulatory calls, as well as many questions (lol).

November 16, 2021 - I'm delighted to announce that I am running for Congress in 2022 to replace the Honorable Jackie Speier, who has decided to retire. I am a Democrat and my platform is "radical honesty in government." Check out my campaign web page for details.

September 27, 2021 - I have outdone myself this time with a new project that's in development. It's called Rællic -- a system for recording, measuring, and analyzing credibility indicators in interpersonal communication using a combination of high resolution 3D scanning plus thermal and hyperspectral imaging. In other words, stereoscopic video and 3D point clouds of a person's face/body while they are talking/testifying, which I will record, measure, and analyze for movements and expressions (and thermal changes) on their face as well as gestures. The system will be the main component of my Trial Laboratory project, which is part of my law practice. It's going to be a portable system, so size and weight matter a lot more than price. The intention is mainly to do trial consulting for profit, but also to produce research-quality data for possible use in academic-type papers in the fields of psychology and law. I am very excited about this, which is a fusion of all the areas I'm interested in and all the knowledge and experience that I have. I should have done this years ago.

These are my current ventures:

Attorney, private justice provider, and investigator - general civil litigation and complex family law, with fifteen years of experience and twenty trials. Also, cyber and civil investigations.

IT consultant - network analysis, forensics, custom computer systems, cybersecurity audits, and other services with a deep bench of experts in this region.

Web application programmer - law practice management system and specialized task management/productivity software written from scratch by yours truly. If you're wondering how I have time to practice law while doing all these different things...this is how.

R&D guy/inventor - multiple ongoing research projects and products, such as Spectrum Warrior.

Photographer and videographer - I co-own a photography studio and have a RED handheld cinema package.

Music producer/film producer - rock, progressive rock, instrumental rock, and metal, with independent feature films in development. Samples:

Here are my popular tutorials/articles/videos:

100G office network Howto - the fastest, most reliable office LAN that money can buy.

An informal proof of Plato's Theory of Forms - reasons I continue to believe that idealism is the truest form of world view.

Dynamic entoptic matrices - a thought-based theory of dynamic entoptic phenomena found in highly productive computer programmers.

Spectrum Warrior - a suite of electronic surveillance tools and techniques to find the truth and also seriously embarrass liars.

A casual network investigation of the Russian Ministry of Defense - random security research leads to things I wish I could un-learn.

Linux tips and tricks - random tips learned the hard way.

Andy's Dashboard - a free charting solution for server administrators.

Privoxy on Mac OS X Howto - have you ever wanted to block ads on the web on your Mac without having to install MacPorts? This is for you.

Introduction to microexpressions - my guest lecture at Stanford.

Unboxing a new IBM Model M keyboard - travel back in time to 1988.

Andy's Hardware - market research on the concept of a Made in USA hardware store.

10 gigabit networking - a howto on my 10 gig office setup, which rocks.

The Forever War - my superfan-level tribute to the greatest science fiction novel of all time.

A fractal crystal lattice of Gaussian primes - research on the fractality of prime numbers in Mathematica.

Analysis of WMAP data with Mathematica - a side project that is going a little too far, but it's interesting.

Run your own email server Howto - have you ever wanted to take full control of your email? Not for the faint of heart.

Your own packet capture appliance Howto - have you ever wanted to analyze your network traffic?


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Future of Humanity Institute - I spend a lot of time thinking about the future.

Closer to Truth on PBS - seriously, a collection of astounding interviews with great scientists.

Robin Hanson - this guy is a prolific author and thinker.

John Carmack - definitely the best programmer in the world.

Stephen Wolfram - an all-around world-conquering genius, with an ego to match.

Contact: - use for all legal and personal communications. - use for all R&D, music, etc.

+1 (415) 261-8527 - yes, this is my mobile phone. Please do not abuse the ability to text me.

555 Twin Dolphin Drive, Ste. 135, Redwood City, CA 94065.

Endorsements. These are products and services, and service providers, that I use and strongly recommend:

RED Dragon-X 6K digital cinema camera with Zeiss CP.3 lenses - the ultimate run and gun digital cinema setup. Proof (actual sample footage).

Adobe Creative Cloud - my personal trademark is pleadings and letters typeset in the best desktop publishing tool of all-time: Adobe InDesign. Check out my review as a 20-year+ user of Adobe.

IBM Model M Keyboard - the best ever keyboard, especially for those who want 1980s-style typing functionality. For service, Clicky Keyboards is great.

King Star Computer, Inc. - custom workstations and servers built to order.

Intel Xeon - professional grade processors that permit the use of ECC RAM.

Seagate Exos - true enterprise-grade hard drives.

Nvidia Titan - formerly the most powerful desktop GPU in the world. Works great on Linux!

IBM Selectric II typewriter - great for typing envelopes and personal notes. Prestige Pica typing element matches Triplicate T4. For sales and service in the Bay Area, Los Altos Business Machines.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux - a powerful server operating system that works great as a workstation.

General Dynamics PitBull - a trusted operating system built on top of RHEL 7.

CodeWeavers - the official vendor for PitBull and makers of the excellent CrossOver/Wine system.

Mathematica - advanced computation platform.

Andy Collis/Valley Visuals - brilliant concept artist.

The Curating - website development and art.

Nissan GT-R - the ultimate all-around chariot.

Boardwalk Nissan/GT-R Specialists - five star service.

Alternative BMW Service - five star service.

American Express - the Business Platinum charge card is well worth the annual fee.

Vim - the best text editor of all time.

Warnings. These are products and services I strongly urge you not to use:

Dell UltraSharp 8K monitor - the ultimate workstation display, and perfect for editing 4K and 8K video. This product seemed promising, but it turned out to be defective in design and disappointing in reliability. Replaced twice under warranty and failed in less than a year each time. I am not only deleting this endorsement; I am also warning you against buying this product.

6x7 Networks, LLC - read about my roller coaster ride with 6x7 Networks and its erratic CEO, who I am suing for fraud.


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