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Hall of Fame: these are products and services, as well as service providers, that I have experience with and strongly recommend:

Attorneys I recommend - In my opinion, I've outdone myself this time with this novel, unexpected gesture.

Postfix with Dovecot - the best self-hosted email server of all time.

RED Dragon-X 6K digital cinema camera with Zeiss CP.3 lenses - the ultimate run and gun digital cinema setup. Proof (actual sample footage).

Adobe Creative Cloud - my personal trademark is pleadings and letters typeset in the best desktop publishing tool of all-time: Adobe InDesign. Check out my review as a 20-year+ user of Adobe.

IBM Model M Keyboard - the best ever keyboard, especially for those who want 1980s-style typing functionality. For service, Clicky Keyboards is great.

King Star Computer, Inc. - custom workstations and servers built to order. Check them out on Yelp, where my review figures prominently.

Intel Xeon - professional grade processors that permit the use of ECC RAM.

Seagate Exos - true enterprise-grade hard drives. In 2021, I was approved to purchase the Exos 2X14 dual-actuator version of the X14, which packs twice the performance into the same drive. Critical for my use cases of an extreme performance workstation with eight drives in a RAID 0 (>3 GB/sec), as well as high performance 1U rack servers in a RAID 5 configuration with three drives.

Nvidia RTX A6000 - Because you've always wanted dual 8K 60 Hz displays, just like me.

Samsung QN900A 8K television - the best general purpose computer monitor that money can buy. I have the 65" version on a VESA cart so I can wheel it around, and it's perfect.

IBM Selectric II typewriter - great for typing envelopes and personal notes. Prestige Pica typing element matches Triplicate T4. For sales and service in the Bay Area, Los Altos Business Machines unfortunately went out of business when the owner retired in 2022, so I am still looking for a new vendor as of 2023.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux - a powerful server operating system that works great as a workstation.

General Dynamics PitBull - a trusted operating system built on top of RHEL 7.

CodeWeavers - the official vendor for PitBull and makers of the excellent CrossOver/Wine system.

Mathematica - advanced technical computation platform.

The Curating - website development and art.

Nissan GT-R - the ultimate all-around chariot. You absolutely must get the extended warranty, however, due to the possibility of transmission system failure.

Boardwalk Nissan/GT-R Specialists - five star service.

Alternative BMW Service - five star service.

American Express - the Business Platinum charge card is well worth the annual fee. You can get up to five employee cards with customizable limits and other controls also.

Vim - the best text editor of all time.

Phoenix Guardian R HEPA system - a wonderful Made in USA industrial air scrubber/purifier with 10x the performance of any consumer product. I use this at my office when they are doing construction in the building, which produces dust and odors, and at home when using the fireplace.