Mexican Timeshare RICO

A complex advance fee fraud and continuing criminal racketeering enterprise

March 18, 2022

Andrew G. Watters

Update March 26, 2022: this private cyber investigation has continued and has taken some very interesting turns. Within hours of the article based on my work, the suspects appear to have deliberately disabled the initial fake law firm that I identified, while leaving the others online. This presented a prime opportunity for the FBI to gather data on the suspects, and I hope they took it. Meanwhile, I've been preparing additional filings in court and I expect to close in on these guys in the near future while also getting my client's money back in some fashion. Looking great, and what an interesting case!

Read the complaint filed in Federal court, and the ex parte application for a Temporary Restraining Order with supporting data.

Bottom line: a group of sophisticated criminals is impersonating multiple retired attorneys in a complex wire fraud scam. They have entire fake law firms and email servers set up, as well as Photoshopped notary seals and wire instructions. They make money by causing victims to wire advance fees to Mexico as part of selling their timeshares.

Read my report to the FBI and decide for yourself.

Laughing out loud-- this screenshot from one of their forgeries says it all...there is no legitimate person in the world who would drop their notary signature and seal into a PDF with Adobe Illustrator-- conveniently rotated by the user so that it looks straight. I redacted my clients' names.

"Ted Wilkerson," I'm coming for you next. Haha.

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