Maynard-Koran v. Oracle/Patchett v. Oracle

by Andrew G. Watters, Esq.

Toxic culture, fraud, retaliation, and whistleblowing at a major software company.

My client, Peyton Maynard-Koran, has died suddenly and unexpectedly. I put this page up as a makeshift tribute and also to "live blog" our litigation with Oracle. Ken Patchett and I both feel a sense of responsibility here to try to right at least some of the wrongs that led to Peyton's death and achieve a good result for Peyton's family. Please bear with me here, as this is the first client passing I have experienced and I'm working on how to handle everything that goes with that.

First thing's first: read the lawsuit (Peyton) and the companion lawsuit (Ken), which discuss in extensive detail the problems at Oracle OCI where they were Vice Presidents.

I don't know where to begin, so I'll begin at my first interaction with Peyton. In January 2021, Peyton was fired from Oracle. He struck me as extremely passionate about his work, and so he lost a major part of his identity when he was fired. He was referred to me by a colleague and we went over his case. The details are described in the complaint, much of which is based on a detailed narrative written by Peyton.

Update 4/13/2021: I've just been threatened with litigation over this page. What a sick joke of a letter from Oracle's attorneys. I responded that their requests are denied, and I'll welcome the opportunity to seek my attorney fees on an Anti-SLAPP motion if they sue to restrict my freedom of speech.

Update 4/21/2021: This page has been viewed 10,587 times in the last 20 days since I put it online. Wow, I guess we struck a chord with the Oracle cases. Nothing further from Oracle at this time after the ill-advised letter above.

Update 5/14/2021: Oracle has asserted arbitration, and that would have the effect of making the dispute confidential until a judgment is rendered. I continue to receive supportive emails from former Oracle employees who are offering to help in any way they can. Much appreciated.

Update 5/25/2021: 36,997 visitors so far...I need to step up my game here. Will post the opposition to Oracle's motion to compel arbitration next.

Update 6/17/2021: Oracle was successful in asserting arbitration. That's unfortunate, but it happens. See you in about 18 months, lol.

To be continued.


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