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The FBI Manual

I am not a FBI agent, nor do I have any association with the U.S. Government. But in the course of my legal work, I conduct investigations. There is no better resource for copying how the Feds conduct investigations than the FBI Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines. For years, I have been referring to the FBI FOIA vault and browsing through their PDF's to look up particular sections to the extent they might gain me additional insight or tips into a particular type of investigation. However, the massive paper manual from 1998 or so is terribly outdated, and the FBI is not disclosing its hyperlinked electronic version of the MIOG to the public, portions of which I discovered in a previous case in the 2012 time frame. So I took it upon myself to prepare a reasonable facsimile of their electronic manual in light of my increasing investigations caseload.

I present here the FBI MIOG as one complete searchable PDF, with a view toward putting the whole thing online as a web page, complete with cross references, links, and also annotations to Federal cases in each area. This is a major project and one I am doing at no charge to anyone, for the general benefit of investigators, counsel, and litigants in Federal cases or other cases of interest to the U.S. Government. The PDF combines all of the PDF's from the FBI Vault in the order they appear, and I ran optical character recognition on the PDF to make it searchable. That is the source of the text that will be published here.

Start here: MIOG [206.2 MB] as a complete, searchable, 3,713 page PDF.

MIOG in full hypertext - coming soon. Pending the full hypertext, here is the raw searchable text before any formatting (lol), as well as the paginated text before I convert it to HTML pages.

The FBI Counterintelligence Manual

Surprisingly, I was able to get portions of this under FOIA. It's heavily redacted and was superseded by a new manual that I now have to request. Coming soon.


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